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since the day Dona was born she has had invisible, yet, special friends that help her to help others. As an Intuitive, Dona works with the Angels to help others with daily life. 

Jennifer’s Journey Website

I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Minister and have sensed Spirits since my teenage years. I didn’t start working with my abilities until 2011

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This new show is going to offer you tools in a fun way, and hopefully create a life support group where you can learn, share and find security in expressing who you are

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Angelically Inspired A new weekly show where Dona offers messages from your angels for the week ahead, this is set to be a fantastic addition to Intuitalks weekly line up and with an earlier time slot of 11am EST, will be perfect for our European members and those who don’t really do late. Call in to receive your message or sit back in the chat for a wee listen to this exceptional host.


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Daily: Curious Times offers you a range of psychic subjects which includes a variety of clairvoyants, numerologists and energy specialists all waiting for you to call in to get a reading. 10 pm

Mondays:Raising Vibrations with Reverend Raven interviewing the psychics and offering readings. Sandy has to be one of the best show hosts around never leaving you stranded or fending for yourself, she is taking submissions for those who wish to guest. visit her show site and email her. 8.30pm

Wednesdays: A Psychic Affair:, weekly show with everything from tarot, hand readings, psychometry and aura +++ Tune in for a free reading and keep your eye out for themed readings with Dorothy and friends monthly. 9pm

Thursdays: Awesome Talk A A fantastic new series with Deirdra & Rosemary exploring different topics with invited guests. This dynamic duo have a knack for getting inside situations, call in and join the fun. 3pm

Fridays: Angelically Inspired Messages On our show we pass on messages from the Angels to you for the week ahead!So grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us!  We will pass on messages to everyone we can in the timeframes that we have. 11am

Saturdays: Late Late Late Show The Mediums: the Heroes & the Hoaxers. A fun show where Dorothy hunts down some of our famous and infamous history makers sharing some of their life and times with you. Midnight

Monthly: Peripheral Visions with Jenny Satori and friends. this month exploring haunted places, call in and share your experience, this is a panel show and promises lively opinion pieces. Thursday 9pm

Monthly: Witches Britches. Join Jenny & Dorothy every month for a show that will offer spells, witchy lore and history, card making and runes! Every show offers a grimoire exercise to build your own, which is both healing and inspiring. We are incredibly excited about this show so keep your eyes peeled for this Intuitalks Production 9pm thursday

Any Day and Time you choose:Spotlight This is the show for casual hosts. A first on the internet you can get in touch with Jenny and choose a time slot once, monthly or more often at $10 per 2 hour show. Expect support for your first shows and a training session in hosting. Please note scheduling may be subject to other hosts bookings for the time slot


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Through the Sunsigns

April Energy Buzz


  • Aries: You will be the talk of the town this month, it is up to you whether that is negative gossip or high fives all round. You are in total control of outcomes, keep an eye out for karma.
  • Taurus: A month of missed moments and minor regrets. This can be not making that booking soon enough, late for that apppointment or forgetting entirely. urgh
  • Gemini:Fun is in your sights and consequences be damned,you will find that whatever trouble you get into was totally worth it.
  • Cancer: Love causes you issue, whether family or friends it is a month of crossed purposes and miscommunication, hold back on the judgements to smooth the way.
  • Leo: Work and commitments swallow your month as you chase around trying to keep up, there is some resistance here it might be best to just get on with it and save yourself the grief.
  • Virgo: Love is in the air, you will seek it, desire it or regret what you have lost this month. Feeling romantically inclined relationships will come under the glare of reality, oopsie.
  • Libra: Fun rides, circuses, amusement parks. Nothing can compare to them when vying for your attention, everything else goes on the back burner while you seek thrills.
  • Scorpio: You will find yourself in that unique position of self assessment, it is a time of growth and reality for you, never one to mince your words you will find your inner voice screaming for changes.
  • Sagittarius: Longing for what you don’t have will bring you down a little in what is mostly a good month for you, beware the tendency to envy when your mind could be used more creatively.
  • Capricorn: You will love the demands on your time as it makes you feel needed, wanted and loved. All good things for you right now and balancing a tendency to feel alone.
  • Aquarius: Social engagements will fill your time and tax your energy, you just can’t say no to anything and may even find yourself double booking.
  • Pisces: Regretful moments will dog your month as you speak without thinking or react to old sensativities, it might be a good time for an overhaul of the buttons that keep getting pushed. They are yours and only you can do something about them.




Articles of Interest

Discover exciting perspectives and shared experiences. Intuitalks is overflowing with creative talent. Do you want to be here?


Channel for April 2016 from Elija and Cary: Follow us, your spirit teams and guides in the world of the unknown. It is unknown to you, but we know it well. Be not afraid of what is happening in your world. It is the cleansing process that is happening and I sense that many of you know that, Deep down in your soul…. Read More

Did you Feel It?: Did you feel that? While sitting there quietly sipping your coffee or scanning your emails? Perhaps you were thinking of the day ahead or the day just past?Read More

A Power to be Embraced:There exists within the Universe a power that transcends all time and space; all known laws of physics have absolutely no bearing on it. This power recognizes no gender, no selfish desire, no border or nationality and, it could even bring an end to war… (even though over the years, many wars have been waged in its name)~Roger Anthony Briggs…..Read More

Creating Inner Peace:The ever elusive inner peace is a figment of the imagination. It is true, that is exactly what it is, and that being the case, you only need use your imagination to create it. So many talk about finding inner peace, immediately there is a problem as finding it implies getting it from somewhere outside of yourself. The key to ensuring that stability which prevents you feeling like a wobbly spinning top, who’s stability is dependent on outside forces or the skills of others….Read More

Moon Phases

April, 2016

Use the Moon to Manifest your goals

By Melissa Bruce

Visit Melissa’s Web Site

Astrology, clairvoyance, mediumship

Working with the energy of the Moon’s phases is a great opportunity to not only work with the Moon’s glorious energy, but also keep your goals on track!  This month, we’re working with a New Moon in Capricorn which is an excellent organization energy, and a Full Moon in Leo later in the month.

The Aries New Moon on April 7th, 4:25am PDT is aligned perfectly in a Trine with Mars and Saturn, and in Conjunction with Uranus as well as the Sun it’s time for ACTION, especially goals centered around your career at this time.  With the Sun, Moon, and Uranus lined up to help you truly shine just being you, you’ll find support and structure are your foundation as Mars and Saturn feed your fire.  Don’t get too caught up in the details, just lay down a strong foundation for your plans to grow bigger than you ever dreamed possible!
The First Quarter Moon in Cancer on April 13th at 9:00pm PDT is proof that it always seems like right after you’re flying high from the positive energy, disaster is lurking around the corner.  The Moon’s T Square with Uranus and Pluto my find you feeling a familiar old feeling as you find yourself running into the same old problems.  Lack of support and focus on your part can lead you in the opposite direction of where you’re going.  Take this moment to step back and focus on those issues that need to be addressed now before they turn into bigger concerns.  Facing them with love transforms these difficulties into productivity quickly.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 21st at 10:25pm PDT creates big challenges as her Oppositions with the Sun, Uranus, and Venus have you feeling as if the harder you work, the more you lose.  This is a classic case of fighting the inevitable, but not realizing the inevitable is everything you needed!  Allow the Universe time to make her adjustments, trusting that it will take care of the difficulties and help you build the dream you want as well as the dream you’re meant to live.  Nothing great every comes without challenges, and the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward.  Keep your eye on the reward, not your own possible failure.

Finally, the last Quarter Moon on April 29th at 8:25pm PDT aspects with Mars again to help give you a boost of energy to really get your hands dirty and make some plans.  With her aspect with Venus still makes you “feel” like your dreams are further away than you anticipated, this added energy helps you really make the changes you need to make while boosting your forward in your plans, helping to eliminate the feeling that you’ll never get there.  The energy behind this month’s manifestation is powerful and full of ups and downs, but it’s what you do with what you’re given that counts!  Don’ t stop until you see progress, and even then keep going!
Happy Manifesting!





Echoes of the Past part II

By Iris Blobel

[A new series with monthly installments from the first chapter of Iris’s book, just like the old women’s weekly days] Iris is a prolific author with well crafted Romantic themes and nicely structured characters. If you like a bit of love in your reading, you will like her work.

““Ethan was your best friend when you lived here.”
Pain shot through Connor as he was again confronted with a piece of information about his past that he knew nothing about. What had happened all those years ago, that his memory blocked these recollections of his childhood? “How is your mother?” Jack asked suddenly. Was it a sign of his illness that the old man wasn’t able to hold on to one topic anymore, or was he out to annoy Connor?
“She’s doing well.” “Married?” “Yes.”Jack nodded. “She was beautiful when she lived here. So beautiful.”Leaning forward to rest his arms on his knees, Connor asked, “Why did you ask her to leave?”
Finally, their eyes locked, and his father’s confusion took Connor aback.“Son, what are you talking about?”

Their conversation was interrupted, though, by the ringing of the doorbell. Connor cursed inwardly, knowing he had to wait for his father’s response that little bit longer. So many questions about his past, a past he knew nothing about. He stepped back into the house and walked to the front door, making a mental note to ask his mother about Ethan. And why the hell did he like surfing as a kid when he wouldn’t go near the water now? Still in thought, he opened the door and was momentarily taken off-guard by what he saw. In front of him stood a beautiful woman with a smile that had an effect on him right to his toes and back up his legs, pooling heat in his groin. She held her hand out. “Hi, Connor. You don’t look anything like you did twenty years ago.”

He blinked, slowly taking her hand. “Thanks. And you are?”
“I’m offended,” she said with a laugh. “I’m Emily Bradshaw.” With an exaggerated sigh, she added, “The man who gave me my first kiss can’t remember me.”As she shook her head, her curly red hair bounced around her face. Her green eyes were gleaming with good humour.“Sorry, Emily. I’m—” He had no idea what he was. Speechless. Frustrated. Memory gone. Probably all of the above. “I’m still jetlagged. Apologies. Come on in.” Emily walked past him, down the hall, and towards the stairs. “Look, Emily. In regards to the, ehrm, the jetlag, want to give me a hint what you’re doing here?”
She smiled and laughed again. “I’m your dad’s nurse.” Nodding, he said, “Right. That makes sense.” He held her gaze and was absolutely mesmerised by her. It appeared he’d had good taste already as a child. He definitely had to find out about that kiss.
“Right,” he said again. “Jack’s outside on the deck.” She looked up at him in surprise. The goodhumoured face had lost its smile. “Jack?” she asked. Connor raised an eyebrow. “My dad?”
She gave a slow nod. “Yes, he is,” she replied slowly. “Anyway, the deck’s perfect. He needs a bit of Vitamin D. It’ll do him good.”

Watching her behind, he followed her outside. The storm was closing in, and Emily shaded her eyes with her hand and looked into the distance across the ocean. “Emily,” Jack said, and Connor could’ve sworn he caught a slight smile on his father’s face. She turned to him. “How are you, Jack?” The old man took her hand. “I’ve got Connor here.” Connor was struck by the intensity of his father’s words. I’ve got Connor here. It was the way they were spoken, and the emotions behind them that confused him. Was there a bit of belonging or appreciation? Or did Connor read something into it when there wasn’t anything? He watched Emily taking off the blanket. She waited patiently as Jack had another bout of coughing fits.
“Jack, did you take your medication this morning?” she asked.
The old man shook his head. “Nah, I’m sick of them. They’re making me drowsy and nauseous.” “They help—” “They don’t help,” Jack interrupted. “They delay the obvious. I wanna have a clear mind when I discuss matters with Connor.” “You shouldn’t skip on the medication,” she persisted. “They help—” “She’s not only as pretty as her mother, but just as stubborn,” Jack said with a grin. Connor noticed the old man’s long sigh. It seemed even talking was an effort for him nowadays. “He’s even taken on the pommy accent. My own son has a pommy accent,” Jack said to Emily as she checked his temperature. She turned to look at Connor and smiled. “I suppose it’s been a while since you moved to England.” “He was seven.”
Emily placed her hand on her chest and with exaggeration replied, “Oh, I remember. I was heartbroken for days.” Connor cocked a brow. “Days?” She laughed. “That’s when Niall showed me his secret spot at the beach.” “Niall?” “I can’t believe you don’t remember Niall.”
“He can’t even bloody remember Ethan,” Jack said.

Emily stared at Connor. “You’re kiddin’, right?” Suddenly the humorous expression on her face changed, but he couldn’t figure out what she was thinking. She stared at him for a long moment. Although he wasn’t coy when it came to women, it made him uncomfortable, and he turned to look out across ocean again. There was a big container ship on the horizon, moving along at snail’s pace. Closing his eyes, he once again wondered what had happened. Or why he was here, at the other end of the world, twenty-four flight hours away, about nine time zones ahead of his family back in England. His father’s and Emily’s voice were distant as Connor tried his hardest to remember anything about this place. Remember somebody called Ethan or Niall. But he came up with nothing.
Not even the mention of a kiss triggered any memories. He’d been barely over seven years old when he and his mother had left Australia and made their new home in London. There were vague memories in the back of his mind about the first days in school in London. He’d been the newcomer and learnt quickly to adapt and make new friends. He and his mother had lived with his grandparents until she had found a job and had been able to afford a small apartment. Squeezing his eyes shut, Connor was desperate for the slightest bit of memory. Anything. But he came up empty.

Enjoying this series?

Check out Iris’s other books

AMAZON : http://amzn.to/23ZYPS5

Editor: Dorothy Holder

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    This is awesome! Thanks to Dorothy and Jenny for their hard work putting this newsletter together and all who contribute and make it great!

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