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IntuiTalks Radio is a free project aimed to aid those wishing to share their thoughts on the spiritual, psychic, paranormal, metaphysical and all that they entail. We offer a safe place for people to really be themselves, without worry of criticism over different beliefs.

We’d love for you to become a part of our community!

If you:

    – Have a decent internet connection and quality microphone/headset
    – Have the gift of gab.
    – Have done past shows (or are prepared to do shows) that are content relevant and engaging.
    – Have a desire to touch others in a positive way

Then we may be the place for you!

Please note the following guidelines about shows on IntuiTalks:

1.- We ask that the shows are content relevant whereas there are positive
messages and spiritual topics.

2.- You will need to learn the platform before attempting a live show.
Please read all instructions on your show page (when you’ve been assigned
one) and familiarize yourself. Also keep in mind, we are not marketers and
it is your responsibility to advertise your show.

3.- Respect the site and its members. For example no name calling, no
public bashing of anyone or the website.

4.- Please mention the donate button from time to time on your shows.
IntuiTalks Radio is free but will only continue with user participation
and support. We don’t require a donation from you, but we do ask that
hosts let people know they can contribute to our project.

To apply to become a host on our network, please send us a message below.
Be sure to tell us about yourself and your show plans.

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