Latest Update of Cathies DistantEchos

Welcome to Cathies DistantEchos!

This Website and Show are a continuation of Cathie Bradshaw and Nick Nash’s work at another site. When we lost Cathie Bradshaw earlier in 2016 we were determined to keep the Cathies DistantEchos community going.

A year has gone by and we are looking forward to the next year and into 2018.

We will be continuing to deliver our show Flying with Angels with hosts –Lins Harrison and Riana George.

Lindsey Harrison. Founder of Flying With Angels is now administrator of Cathies DistantEchos. Any questions or communication you wish to send can be sent to her directly at :-

If you would like to become a host on Cathies DistantEchos with your own show please contact Lindsey Harrison at:-


We would like to thank Chris Times for her invaluable help and support during her time as administrator and setting us up on path for the future.


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