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    @iris you chose the Karma card: Karma is more than punishment for past life deeds, indeed it never was that, but as popular culture can’t help itself, it has come to be seen as an unfavourable turn of events. If we think of karma in a more balanced way we can alter current strategies in favour of something as simple as cause and effect. Regardless of past life belief, karma is in play at all times even being the root of the law of attraction and strongly influenced by ‘as above so below’, philosophy. I have long believed that destiny is the culmination of desire meeting the actions supporting it, like karma, destiny is neither good or bad, it just is. The consequences for our actions or lack of can be far reaching, some obvious and some not so clear, but the way of man assures that an action taken many years ago, can find it’s consequence or karmic reaction at any point in life. We can think of it as a big disciplinary stick and be fearful or we can use our understanding to call on the future to affect the present in positive ways. Monitoring our own behaviour beyond survival tactics is what makes us the complex creatures that we are, it is considered a burden of youth to lack an understanding of consequence and yet many adults struggle to comprehend forward thinking too. I was drawn to the smiley face for you which means, Cause and effect has that unique space and time influence where your future, present and past exert equal influence on each other. As you heal, the past takes on a different tone and influence in your present, when you are aware of future red flags it changes how you think and make choices in the present. As a result, it can be said the NOW is a culmination of past and future influences in your life, which is a balanced existence. As I see it that is doing it right.