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    @kirk the card on the left is the signifier, it represents YOU. It is flanked by the key card suggests that you can expect good news in the near future about new ventures, undertakings, fulfilment and goals. the flowers represent happiness which reinforces the key card but also provides a longer time line to experience these. the park (20) suggests social or public environments will offer a new, loyal and long lasting friendship to look forward to. (6) with light side facing the signifier is a good omen, being organized is key to ensuring consistency going forward. The storks indicate a change of home or in the home, as this is further away from the key card, expect a delay or postponement of plans.(17) with the (13) child beneath you are earning the respect and even admiration of others, life will be fun and you may choose spontaneity as a standard for quite some time. The (8) coffin as the opposing card and furthest from the signifier which minimizes its impact, there will be a need to watch your health and plan against problems such as losing confidence, money or courage. While you may be visited by anxiety or it sits quietly in the back of your mind, knowing that it doesn’t define you or your life choices will ensure it is only a by line in the story of your life and not a major player.
    • What an awesome reading Dorothy! Thankyou–very interesting! I have so much to look forward to. God bless!

    • you are most welcome, i was very pleased to deliver this one for you ,, xx mwah