• with tech issues dogging my feb/march i have found myself with so much fishing time that eventually a touch of guilt set in. But (never start a sentence with but) I’m BACK!!! To celebrate this auspicious day…. a speciality Lenormand card reading as i am developing a simple spread (simple I hope). Check out my intuitalks site for interesting…[Read more]

    • Kirk replied 8 months ago

      Hi Dorothy–I found your article on Perpetual Perception quite “heady” and had to read it twice thru but what I got was a pavlovian, predictive explanation of how the mind works. With billions of neurons at work, it makes sense the mind wants to deduce based on past experiences. In regards to pain, yes pain is real, but how much of our own…[Read more]

      • Quite a mouthful and i thought i was wordy. Re pain, the answer is all of it actually, it has been shown that those bought up with a matter of fact approach to things going physically wrong tend to use that same attitude to emotional pain as well, interesting stuff. You my friend have won yourself a free reading,, weeee.

    • Kirk replied 8 months ago

      Lol–I wanted to be sure you knew I READ the article!

    • Hi Dorothy,I read your article on Crystal Magic and have recently gotten closer to some of the crystals i’ve had around me for awhile.Thank you for the reading.

    • Iris replied 8 months ago

      Yeah …. you’re “back” … LOL …
      Well … I’m more or less always reading your posts, and the ones that are on my desk for a constant reminder are “Creating inner peace” and “Healing the past” 🙂

    • Hi Dorothy,
      I read Crystal magic. I’m using your technique to try and become more in tune with my crystals.

    • Read and listened to your show on talismans on youtube a while ago. I want to make one to stop set boundaries and I am all in for a free reading woohoo! xx So glad to see you back…:)

  • You just never really know …

  • On the video click the top left to see the Tarot Times Playlist on Youtube, choose your sunsign and watch right here! Your Astrology Forecast for 2017 using the Tarot as a Guide.

  • Dorothy Holder posted a new activity comment 1 year, 7 months ago

    @kirk haha sounding just like a guide yourself pray tell… Immediately i see two individuals, a woman with flowing gown her arms outreached to a man who also has his arms stretched out, hers is a feeling of yearning while his is practicality, there hands are within range to touch but they are slightly off frequency so they can’t quite make the…[Read more]

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