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Dolores (Smallelk) Chiasson

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Ontario, Canada


Teacher of almost all things Sacred Energy, Adjunct Instructor with WMA, Medium, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Aura and Tarot reader, Reverend with ULC and more.


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Who Inspires Me

Creator and my higher self


Everything Sacred Energy


The following are some of my accomplishments on my spiritual path:

I practice and study Shamanism as a life long student and have completed two years of Shamanism studies with a Shaman Elder and working on my Bachelor of Shamanism.
I have completed Basic Shamanism and Extraction through Michael Harner’s Foundation.
I have my Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity with World Reiki Ministry for work I have done and will continue to do.
Sacred Energy Practitioner
Metaphysical Practitioner
Adjunct Teacher with affiliated with WMA
Certified Psychic reader, Aura reader and Psychic Medium.
Certified Animal Communicator with WMA
Reverend with the Universal Life Church
I am Reiki Master/Teacher of 18 Modalities of Reiki
Aho! (I Speak My Truth)