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    Looking forward to being on Curious Times on Wednesday
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    Can we download shows on phones and listen? Anyone know?
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    @caz-heven Hello and thank you for the request!
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    i am so thankful for intuitalks,thank you Jenny,looking forward to seeing you friday at curious times hugs
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    Here are some of my spiritual art pieces. You can see more of my available art at my website. If you see something you like, please consider making me an offer. http://www.deborah-robinson.com/art/galleries/available-art/
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    Received my certificate as a Certified Reverse Speech Investigator. By the end of January I will have my Reverse Speech Analyst and then I start Practitioner course. Boy do I sleep well these days. LOL I am getting too old to learn new things. LOL
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    Thanks for the warm welcome Jenny, I shall look forward to listening to some of the shows.
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    Live every night at 10 PM Eastern. http://curioustimes.intuitalks.com/