This Month’s Featured Shows

The following are this month’s hand-picked broadcasts from the network that we thought were truly exceptional. 

♥ First up is a show from Mystic Vibrations Radio! Inspirational speaker and spiritual channel, Michelle Paisley Reed, shared her thoughts on all things spiritual. In this unique broadcast, Margie Askim (host of the show,) discusses a myriad of topics with her guest. Packed with uplifting and inspiring messages sprinkled in along the way, this episode was a refreshing glimpse into those who channel more than one being! Click this link to listen, or this one to view.


♥ Next, we have the ever-popular hit show here on IntuiTalks, Curious Times! In this broadcast, Barbara DeLong and Chris Times discuss the pyramids (and tunnels/chambers) of Bosnia. It is said that on this site a lot of healing can take place due to negative ions in the atmosphere. With fascinating discoveries uncovered, highly positive and intelligent energy, and a wrap up of Barbara’s signature “Let ‘er rip” readings, this show certainly had to make the list!
Click this link to listen, or this one to view it.


♥ Small Elk Sacred Energy with Dolores “Small Elk” Chiasson, did an amazingly beautiful meditation using the butterfly totem in this new installment of her series of Nicki Scully’s “Power Animal Mediations.” While it is suggested to do the previously recorded journeys first, you can most definitly benefit from this lovely voyage to yourself! You can quite possibly get back the you who had more confidence and put the flame back into your own personal fire by listening to this great broadcast!
Click this link to listen, or this one to view.


♥ Rounding out the list, Cathies DistantEchos’ Flying with Angels had a beautiful show for and about healing! From the moment you click play you can feel the loving, gentle energy from both the hosts as well as the Archangels. Lins started the broadcast wonderfully with the Lord’s Prayer translated from Arabic and Riana performed a lovely collective channel with Archangel Raphael and Gabriel. If you are looking for a safe haven from the day’s stress, are not feeling well lately, or, you just want a pick-me-up, this broadcast can do wonders! Really nicely done, ladies! Thank you. Click this link to listen, or this one to view it.


→ Although Jenny tries to listen to and attend as many shows as she can, time constraints just won’t allow it. So, if your show isn’t listed, please don’t be disappointed or take it personally. If you’d like to be considered for a featured show spot, or you’ve been to (or listened to), a show that was simply out of this world, (pun intended), message @jennysatori for consideration.


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