This Month’s Featured Shows – January 2017


The following are this month’s hand-picked broadcasts from the network that we thought were truly exceptional. 

♥ Up first, it’s another great episode from Curious Times. Heaventologist Amy Cavanaugh and Chris, the host of the show, discuss archetypes. You’ll want to send the kids to bed or put on a headset to listen to this candid, yet definitely profound dicussion. The conversation takes the listener to another dimension in that light can be dark and dark can be light, depending on how you look at one’s traits. What is perceived as “negative” can be made positive and so on. More than interesting, this show is a must listen if you’d like to explore yourself as well as others. Click this link to listen, or this one to view it.

♥ Next up, we have newcomer Mystic Vibrations Radio by Margie Askim. In her very first broadcast, Margie interviews Spiritual Healer, Paul LaFrance. Paul conveyed quite eloquently his views on healing and what he does to help his clients become healthy and whole again. He also fielded some listener questions with compassion and patience, as only a true healer can. With its gentle flow, it was a pleasure to listen to. Well done, Margie! Click this link to listen, or this one to view it.

♥ Also, Cathies DistantEchos’ Flying with Angels with Linsdey Harrison and Riana George made their debut show of the New Year! Riana kicked it off with a strinkingly beautiful channel from Archangel Haniel assuring us of a better year with new beginnings and taking our power back. While Lins followed it up with her own brand of lovely with cheer and joy. The amazing duo read their angel cards with kindness and love; offering messages of hope. Now that’s what it’s all about! Click this link to listen, or this one to view it.

♥ Last, but certainly not least, is 3 Points of Light. MamaD and the gang (Jennifers Journey and Brian Clover), had special guest psychic medium, Sherri Gamble. Brian had the distinct pleasure of interviewing her, asking pertinent questions and expressing his gratitude for her candor. Sherri shared her insights and experiences with spirit as well as life in general. She also delivered heartfelt messages to callers and listeners alike. A fun, light ride, this was a very enjoyable show! Click this link to listen, or this one to view it.

→ Although Jenny tries to listen to and attend as many shows as she can, time constraints just won’t allow it. So, if your show isn’t listed, please don’t be disappointed or take it personally. If you’d like to be considered for a featured show spot, or you’ve been to (or listened to), a show that was simply out of this world, (pun intended), @jennysatori for consideration.


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