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IntuiTalks LLC was launched (beta) in August of 2013. Although its web presence is new, the plans weren’t. What started out as an observation of the fact that not many IntuiTively, talented people owned a website or place to promote themselves, quickly turned into a realized dream. Designed solely for IntuiTives, light-workers, and anyone interested in spirituality, IntuiTalks.com isn’t your average social site. In a nutshell, we are a unique, “all-in-one” social network where members can share their thoughts, services, pictures, voices, blogs, sites, and so on, (all in one place).

What We Offer

Membership allows interaction with EVERYONE on the site. It also allows for blogs, sites, events and everything else to be shared globally on the network (and other social sites, if a member so chooses to share their content with third party networks such as Facebook). We offer some neat options for members.

These stream-lined tools include, but are not limited to:
Learning and/or teaching tools
(broadcast, class and/or webinar creation)
Personal profiles
News feed interaction
Groups, blogs, and websites
Self-promotional tools
Cross-posting, and domain mapping


Membership is 100% free. Tasteful, (and very few) relevant ads are placed throughout the site to offset overhead.

(You may contact us here should you have interest in advertising with us).

We offer premium services to members who would like a website (and/or would like to utilize our audio platform).

Our Mission

The main objective of this site is to make it easy and affordable for all people to share their gifts.

The founder of IntuiTalks.com, Jenny “Satori” Davis, has taken great care to ensure self-promotion and website creation are as painless as possible.

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