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    New here! I’ve been searching for answers because lately I feel like I’m on the edge of a major break through but there is something or someone blocking me. Also weird dreams, hotspots on body, disconnection from everyone. and the feeling of being watched. Am I just being paranoid? Sorry I know this is weird but but I was led to this site so I’ll give it a shot

    • Hi there, so glad you found us.

      firstly relax, I don’t think you are being paranoid. When you open to the subtle energies you are going to get a whole pile of weirdness that for most of us, makes us think we are going quite mad. I would be interested to hear more detail on the dreams. When I first started to have a connection to the subtle energy fields I would feel i was never alone (even in the toilet which was disturbing)
      About the blocking; depending on what you have done to make the connection more conscious, usually it is a whole lot of sensation which doesn’t have an explanation, it does take practice to get to a point of being clear. the hotspots on the body is also fairly common and shows a change in the way you both receive and use energy, if you can think on the localities it may indicate healing in certain areas or even a ‘waking up’ of others, as your body comes into sync, some parts speed up and others slow down giving hot and cold sensations. if you are running energy (as in energy therapy) you will experience hotspots where your own body needs a tweak. hope that helps you somewhat xx