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    @iris you drew calcite (spontaneity) the desire to create sets a fire in our belly, when too hooked up in the daily grind or the outcome, the process of creativity becomes wooden, it looses it’s natural edge and attractive qualities. Any creative needs to maintain focus on creating, to keep writing rather than relying on the past projects to present the incentive to keep going. Remember how you felt putting that first book together, remember how you feel while writing, being creative. and just keep doing it. this may sound like a negative in the submission zone, but it is an indication to keep going, to keep writing and to keep submitting without placing too much attention on acceptance or the well of creativity may dry up, the style of writing may become wooden and the very thing you are trying to express (your creative mind) turns into expectation. Look for the joy, the pride in completion, a creative doesn’t need validation, for when they do their whole life becomes a craving for attention and adoration while the value of the creative mind gets lost. Keep writing, keep submitting but don’t over invest in the idea that acceptance is success, for truly the success is the happiness you get from doing what you love.
    • got it … focus on why i started writing in the first place (the joy it brings) and less on on the submissions.
      THANK YOU ♥