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    @kirk think of both your queries and look closely at the cards, give me the 2 things that stand out most in the images (not 2 per card just 2)
    • Kirk replied 2 weeks ago

      The blue eyeball in the 2nd card and the African face (possibly of a child) in the upper left corner of the 3rd card

    • The cards drawn are manifestation, challenge and dream time. this indicates using your dreams, meditation or visualization techniques to help create the future you want. The challenge is in believing you can have it. If you are drawn to Clever man spirit is calling you forward to stand as mediator, guide or healer, you are being asked to expand, give yourself over to a teacher or guide for the betterment of others.: The sun is almost obscured by the billowing smoke of the volcano and the eye. The challenges you face make it difficult for you to see where you are going or why. A challenge is not necessarily a call to let go, but if that feels appropriate then do so. Reality has stepped in front of the dream, money may become an issue, relationships may be strained but the obstacles call for you to stand at the epicenter of your own vision if you wish to see it through, especially if you have a history of giving up or giving way. All in all this is a reading suggesting you are the master of your own destiny right now and are in a position to get what you want going forward in any area you choose.

    • Thanks Dorothy. I just now realized this was for me. Very interesting read thru. I am really working on myself on many fronts. Its an interesting reading for an interesting time. I wish you a fantastic week! Mr Kirk-

    • awesome Mr Kirk, most welcome and you too!!