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    @iris have a look at the cards carefully and choose a specific part of the image of any 1 card that attracts your attention!
    • The happy / sad face

    • You have drawn the time, conflict and integrity. . Time itself is fluid and like water threads through the very fabric of existence but as quantum mechanics shows us, it is not as clear cut as one may think, showing that the past can be influenced by the present and the future affects anything that comes before it. Mind bending stuff that can offer a new perspective of progression, what is possible and where you need to focus to make valuable changes the tendency to focus on the past to heal the present could be misguided when, conceivably, one could focus on a better future and retrospectively understand what is needed to get there. (this is a fairly common hypnotherapy technique i use called, progressive hypnosis). cool huh. The conflict card does show some external issues but they seem to stem from an internal conflict, being unsure of what you want can create mixed messages that others find hard to interpret. the integrity card and in particular being drawn to the face suggests you need to be clear about who you are and what you want going forward, if you want your life to reflect the person you are. Where there are difficulties the question becomes, have I misrepresented myself, my position or my feelings at some point? What impression would that give others and which areas of my life would feel unsatisfying because of this? once you get a handle on that change is almost immediate and always favourable regardless of how the change comes about.

    • Thank you ♥ I think i have to read it a couple of times, though, to really understand it.