Channeled message with Elija and Cary for November 2016

Channeled message with Elija and Cary for November 2016

This month’s channel is about letting Spirit in, letting Spirit near and allowing Spirit to work with you as and when you need to.  Connecting to Spirit doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process, unless you are connecting for a specific project or reason that does need time to be taken.  Spirit is there for everyone, loving, light, compassionate, full of life you could say!  Full of Spirit and is one with everything and everyone, and that includes you.  Have a wonderful month and receive the blessings that Spirit has to impart to you, any time and place and space you are ready.  See you next month!  Cary and Elija.

The Channel:

Let spirit come and make its home in you
Let Spirit’s blessings wash over you
And seep into the deepest parts of your soul
Let spirit work with you on everything that you do

Spirit is one with the universe
Spirit is one with you
With your spirit
And is capable of everything

When you let spirit into your life
You allow this bit of everything
To manifest in you
As you allow it to
And you may find life easier
Flowing easier

Challenges smooth out quicker
Without so much effort needed
Less obstacles to climb over
But still with the lessons of that challenge
Shown to you clearly
If you choose to see them
They are there

Sometimes you need a helping hand
And feel like the lessons offered to be learned
At this present time are too much for you
That’s ok
Spirit is there to assist you
In good times and less good times

Spirit is all encompassing
And is full of compassion
Inspiration and ideas

So let spirit in
Anytime you contemplate life
And aspects of life

Have a cup of tea with spirit
And let that be your time
To go within
To connect to spirit
And to recharge

Spirit will delight
In the time spent with you
They will comfort you in times of need
They will inspire you when you need
Just that one more bit of inspiration
To complete a task
Or begin a new one

Spirit loves you
Always has, always will
And that will never change

As always they are near
A breath away
A thought away

Thank you for spending this time with us, here in Spirit again
We truly do enjoy your company
And thank you for your work on this planet
Keep up the good work
And flow forward with us

We look forward to our next meeting
Until then
Take care
nd remember we are near

We honour and love you as always

Many Blessings,
Elija and Cary

© Copywrite 2016 All Rights Reserved

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