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  • it is a day of changes so be prepared, things that start out great suddenly go pear shaped and things that look to be hopeless turn to your advantage. It is a good time to take up that lost cause. You will need to be quick on your feet if you are to avoid disastrous consequences (or at least the molehill that can become the mountain).
  • If you feel you have lost your way a bit lately, it is a good time to check in with your heart energy and allow it to drive you in the right direction. It can be a bit like painting with watercolours where you feel that the edges are blurred, but don’t worry, if you are in sync with your feelings you will be just fine.
  • How about colour of the week!! pop a ‘look at me’ in the responses and I will give you the dominant colour in your aura this week, trust me, this influences your experiences big time. wohoo!!

    • Hi Dorothy! LOOK @ me—purtty please 🙂

      • haha !!! the dominant colour for you this week is a deep green, almost grey green which means you will be into details, pouring over any and everything with a jaundiced eye looking for mistakes. Conversely it is a good time for any contracts, investments and commitments as you are not likely to miss any aspect that requires your attention. This…[Read more]

    • Iris replied 4 weeks ago

      Pretty please look at me ♥

      • Iris your dominant colour this week (ie from today) is a bright orange at your right shoulder, you will be impatient to get things done while exercising a creative drive. Full of ideas and wonderful imaginings you won’t want to pay attention to much more than twists and turns of your mind.

        • Sorry for the late thank you, it’s been quite a few days here to say the least ☺
          So … thanks. yes impatience, and yes creativity … sounds right ☺

    • Hi Dorothy,Please look at me.Thank you.

      • Hi Bryn, Initially you start the week with a pale green dominating at the back of your head, you will be seeking harmonious experiences to quiet the back of your mind. This same area evolves to a deep purple which takes you to the higher levels of your psyche, hearing voices, having visions or dreams that are informative or intuitive this will…[Read more]

  • I might be too late…but…I’ll ask anyways. Can you look into the colour for me this week? xx thank you xx

  • Christywho posted an update in the group Group logo of Free Psychic Readings!Free Psychic Readings! 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Please look @ me. Thanks!

  • @kirk think of both your queries and look closely at the cards, give me the 2 things that stand out most in the images (not 2 per card just 2)
    • The blue eyeball in the 2nd card and the African face (possibly of a child) in the upper left corner of the 3rd card

    • The cards drawn are manifestation, challenge and dream time. this indicates using your dreams, meditation or visualization techniques to help create the future you want. The challenge is in believing you can have it. If you are drawn to Clever man spirit is calling you forward to stand as mediator, guide or healer, you are being asked to expand,…[Read more]

    • Thanks Dorothy. I just now realized this was for me. Very interesting read thru. I am really working on myself on many fronts. Its an interesting reading for an interesting time. I wish you a fantastic week! Mr Kirk-

    • awesome Mr Kirk, most welcome and you too!!

  • @iris have a look at the cards carefully and choose a specific part of the image of any 1 card that attracts your attention!
    • The happy / sad face

    • You have drawn the time, conflict and integrity. . Time itself is fluid and like water threads through the very fabric of existence but as quantum mechanics shows us, it is not as clear cut as one may think, showing that the past can be influenced by the present and the future affects anything that comes before it. Mind bending stuff that can…[Read more]

    • Thank you ♥ I think i have to read it a couple of times, though, to really understand it.

  • it’s a great time to really tune in to that inner voice, no matter how outlandish its calling, there is a unique bond between you and the world at large, something that doesn’t seem possible right now can come to be with a sudden turn around in fortune and opportunity.
  • Would you like a free card draw? throw a yes please into the comments to get a Sacred Soul Oracle 3 card layout. If you want a particular area of your life questioned, simply write love, career, finances etc
  • Being creative will pay off nicely right now, you may feel that you are pitching your ideas to deaf ears, but you are heard and those ideas will find the right ears and eyes, so keep at it with the intention you started. Remember why you do what you do, and not get caught up in the rush to outcomes.
  • Co-operation is the order of the day, be a yes person and part of a team if you want to get ahead. Interestingly it is even more important to co-operate with yourself, when you make a decision and find yourself wishing you hadn’t, you are not co-operating with your own intentions. Regretting choices is often the result of not enjoying the process…

    [Read more]

  • A new day, a new dawn, this card brings you fresh ideas and a positive outlook for the future. Life should be fun so find ways to enjoy what you have while spending some time exploring the excitement your dreams bring you. If you are at the early stage of a new project, the sun is shining on your and now things can grow.
  • You might miss the blindingly obvious today, look for the fine print, take note of nuance, listen with extra care and be careful of details. it is a great day to look for hidden meanings in conversations or to note where your expectation overrides another’s intention. If signing contracts, get someone else to look it over to make sure you didn’t…

    [Read more]

  • Dorothy Holder posted an update in the group Group logo of Free Psychic Readings!Free Psychic Readings! 2 months ago

    It is a day of getting slapped or rewarded by Karma. Cause and
    Effect is in play which could mean an instant response to behaviours that will guide you to either modify your words and actions, or reinforce your good choices to encourage more of the same. Sometimes actions from many years past come back to bite you, or remind you that you have…

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  • Dorothy Holder posted an update in the group Group logo of Free Psychic Readings!Free Psychic Readings! 2 months ago

    It is time to call on the shaman within, become the healer, the mediator or call on the universe to delve deep into any current or ongoing situations. Existence itself relies on complex connections and relationships, looking for the best rather than the easiest solutions. You may be called on to help someone with soul level trauma or find a way to…

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  • Dorothy Holder posted an update in the group Group logo of Free Psychic Readings!Free Psychic Readings! 2 months ago

    Card for the day” sometimes you just need to separate yourself from others so you can concentrate or have time to heal. If you are drawn to the fan it is likely you are in defensive mode and trying to give yourself some space. As a general info, you may find someone around you trying to distance themselves for a time. It is a difficult energy for…

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  • It is a week of sudden changes, some for the better, things can move along at a rapid place right now with any single incident having long felt repercussions. If you have been procrastinating you will find your hand forced to take action. On another note, where finances have been stalled you will get a sudden boost, if you have been in the comfort…

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  • Card for the day! The tree offers a bright outlook for any enterprise, the clouds in the sky are light and part of normal cycles, while our tree is strong, using all the energy at its disposal to grow strong and healthy. In its own lifetime the tree provides shelter and food for others so its success benefits all.
  • Hello everyone!!! exciting news, as a celebration of publishing a wee book to help read Lenormand cards, I am having a show here on intuitalks. Anyone who comes to the show can have a live free read, but, a full Lenormand takes some time. If you intend to join the show live pop a ‘Pick Me” in the replies to go into a draw for the big reading.…[Read more]

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