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Roger A. Briggs

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S.S.W. Ontario, Canada


Writing / Lightweaving


Road (not Rhode) Scholar

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Most everyone


I was asked by a new friend a while ago just what form of Spirituality I followed or practiced…. I asked in return “Can you capture a handful of wind and label or categorize it with a name?”

My spirituality is not a religion, it is not structured and it cannot be contained within a single human mind. My spirituality does not sit safely on a shelf ensconced between the covers of a book to be taken down and perused reverently on certain designated days of the year. My Spirituality is like an eternal tree with many flexible branches reaching out to the Universe and roots that run deep into our Sacred Mother Earth.

Keeping your spirituality locked up, hoarded, reserved strictly for your own indulgence will never do you or your spiritual growth any good. Without movement and exercise there can be no growth. By sharing your spirituality, by constantly exposing it to the light of day and the often harsh winds that blow, then instead of becoming stagnant and withering away, your spirituality will continue to evolve, to grow and thrive with a vibrant, inner-light all it’s own.., as will you along with it.
~Roger Anthony Briggs~