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    @iris Carnelian brings the energy of action into your life, it is not just getting the job done, but this fiery card suggest action even where you are uncertain of outcomes, you can no longer stand by waiting for change or simply responding to change instigated by others. It is time to leap into the fray and get your hands dirty. There is always a certain amount of risk, failure is, after all, just an indication of having tried something new, challenging or stretching beyond your comfort zone. It is not the end game, but one of learning and experience that can be used in the future in positive ways.
    • So sorry for the delay in saying THANk YOU <3, but we spent the weekend in a no-internet zone … yes they still exist and it was wonderful 🙂
      As usual, it'll take me a few days to decipher the above, but again, thank you so much for doing this. YOu're a star!

    • mwah !!! any time toots